Beers for the Winter


Pours dark black with a fair sized foamy tan head that evaporates quickly. It smelled great, cocoa for sure but the peppers are the story on the nose. Taste – again the peppers dominate but the underlying stout flavors are there and are really good.  If you like ’em spicy, this one’s for you. If you don’t, look elsewhere. 






A team favorite, this easy sipping stout showcases our love for the tin mug at the campfire. A house blend of Counter Culture Coffee beans works with a complex cadre of dark malts, flaked adjuncts and lactose to forge this 5% all day delight. Just a little a reminder of another beloved Burial ale.     






Milk &Cookies Stout transports us to our childhood kitchens where freshly baked cinnamon-raisin cookies warmed us against winter nights and familiar grandparent voices permeate the sounds of the night. Hints of cold milk, sweet vanilla, and hearty oatmeal overwhelm and remind us that our memories are forever lead by our senses. In this case, we are led home.



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